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Hi, we are Magda and Marcin, along with our two little ones, Paulina and Alan....not so little anymore - gosh, how the time flies!

We are living our dream by running our family operated business and we are thrilled to share our passion with you. We believe that the pottery you’ll discover here will capture your heart the way it has captured ours a long time ago.

Now - allow yourself to take a moment, brew some nice tea or coffee and come along for the ride. Let us tell you a bit about our story.

Art Of Pottery was born out of love. Love of freedom, love of nature, love of growth, evolution and development. Art Of Pottery allows us to follow a professional path that is in alignment with our values. Spending time in nature and being true to ourselves is of primary importance to us. Nature not only allows us to rest but is a space for rejuvenation [...]


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Pottery Magic

Pottery has magic in it. Why? It comes from clay. Clay is a symbol of creativity. Many myths describe it to be the material out of which the first men, plants and animals came to be.
But it’s not just the material that is what makes pottery special. The reason ceramics are so valuable is because they have a soul. They’re not machine-made. They’re hand-crafted. Everything you find here was created thanks to the cooperation between teams of artists and artisans.

Pottery comes from nature. It is the meeting of three elements: earth, water and fire. Earth and water are the raw materials. Fire gives the objects color and durability. Human hearts and hands give them shape.

Every object is different and tells a unique story. Just like in life, no two are perfectly identical. Perfection is boring, and there is no room for boredom in the world of ceramics!


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At least 3% of total sales from our online store is donated to our causes so they can do the hard work.

Pacific Wild

We're so excited to support our friends at Pacific Wild to help in their mission of protecting British Columbia Wolves.

One Tree Planted

Art Of Pottery has partnered with a non-profit organization One Tree Planted to help in their mission of planting trees on a global scale. One dollar - One Tree.

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