The Book That Changed My Life

by Magdalena Zmudzinska on July 15, 2022

During the last few months in our home, I have spent a lot of time on long conversations and reading. It was a time during which I discovered „The DNA field and the law of resonance – creating reality through conscious thought” by Pierre Franckh. It's one of the most meaningful books I have ever read, and now, I study it almost daily. This new approach changed my life and caused me to look at life from a completely different perspective.

Probably you are wondering what I discovered. Well, to best answer that question, I will use a quote from the book itself „...In our world, only that which we truly believe from our heart can come to fruition...”.

Reading Pierre’s book, I realized that our lives on the outside are reflections of what we carry within ourselves. We are the ones that create our own realities, attracting everything we put energy into, where we direct our thoughts and what things we desire.

I also recognized that, everything is possible, and, at any moment, we can completely change our lives. That includes people we surround ourselves with as well as our health, work, money, partners, things and abundance. The only limits we have are the ones we set for ourselves.

This book also confirmed that there are no coincidences, something I have long believed. The fact that I came upon this book was never a coincidence, neither were you discovering our shop nor that you are reading this post.

This book allowed me to discover myself once more. To believe how much power I hold within myself and how much a group of us possess.
How vital it is to follow the whispers of our hearts, to follow our dreams. How important it is for us to be ourselves.

There is so much more I could write about this book, but I wouldn’t dare to spoil the pleasure of reading the book for you. I very strongly recommend it!

To conclude, I would like to thank Pierre with all my heart for writing this exceptional book and sharing so many practical exercises, as well as Katarzyna Szewczyk for recommending it. - Thank you, Kasiu!



I purchased my book from a local book store, discovered last year called Western Sky Books in Port Coquitlam. It is owned by lovely people and, my favourite place to get books since then. Strongly recommend visiting them.


Warm hugs,




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