Ceramic Food Containers

    How do you store your flour, grains, spices? From where do your kids (and you) secretly sneak nuts, cookies, and other goodies? If so far you've been keeping your food in store-packaging it is time to make some changes. Why? Because change is refreshing! Changes stimulate, changes make life taste better! Ceramic food storage containers are a novelty that could win your heart and become a permanent fixture in your kitchen. Why are these vessels so special? Keep reading and it will all become clear. 

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      Handmade Ceramic Food Containers

    Our Ceramic food storage containers are completely unique: they are made by hand. Their makers, with great focus, first give them form, then ornament them with the beautiful patterns and designs you can admire. These handcrafted stoneware ceramics, apart from fulfilling their function, will double as decorations for your kitchen. You will feel joy just looking at them. Every ceramic container is unique. Why? Because crafting objects is similar to cooking food: you can make the same delicious dish, like pancakes, yet every time it comes out slightly different. One simply cannot make the exact same meal twice.

      Ceramic Food Storage Containers are Durable

    Ceramic food storage containers are durable. The secret to their durability lies in the special kind of clay used to make them. What also adds to their strength is a layer of glaze and the high heat which cures the materials during the firing process. The robustness of stoneware ceramics is not an accident but a result of a purposeful effort by the creators of the Polish handcraft. Their philosophy is based on the belief that beauty can be present in everyday situations as it is reflected in us, in the people we encounter, and in the objects that were made with heart.

      Ceramic Food Storage Jars are Eco-friendly. 

    Ceramic food storage jars are not just beautiful, distinctive, and functional. Ceramic food storage jars are eco-friendly as they were made in harmony with nature. More importantly, the stoneware found in our store, does not contain lead or cadmium. Whether you use them to store grains, flour, coffee, or sweets, you can rest assured that the food you serve your loved ones is safe. Ceramic handicrafts are often chosen by those who wish to protect the environment — for themselves and for future generations. 

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