Our Story

Hi, we are Magda and Marcin, along with our two little ones, Paulina and Alan....not so little anymore - gosh, how the time flies!

We are living our dream by running our family operated business and we are thrilled to share our passion with you. We believe that the pottery you’ll discover here will capture your heart the way it has captured ours a long time ago.

Now - allow yourself to take a moment, brew some nice tea or coffee and come along for the ride. Let us tell you a bit about our story.

Art Of Pottery was born out of love. Love of freedom, love of nature, love of growth, evolution and development. Art Of Pottery allows us to follow a professional path that is in alignment with our values. Spending time in nature and being true to ourselves is of primary importance to us. Nature not only allows us to rest but is a space for rejuvenation, getting in touch with our roots, alignment with our instincts, our intuitions, our natural rhythm. Nature is freedom. We are wholly committed to protecting it - for our own sake and for the future of our children.

The Beginning

Marcin and I have sought an alignment along our professional paths for quite some time. Ever since I can remember, I have been dreaming of starting my own business (a regular 9-5 job just doesn't lie in my nature). Marcin, also desiring professional independence, was pursuing a career as a Pacific Ocean kayak instructor, but instead chose to prioritize our family over a job that would take him away from our home.

We needed a change, yet didn't know what exactly what it was. We tried many different ideas but deep down in our hearts none of them made us feel that "spark".

The Unfolding

For years it seemed like we hadn’t made much progress in finding our professional path. Now, looking back, I see that all those years were necessary, leading us to discovering our INNER POWER. Marcin went to work, I was busy creating a home and tending to our children. Home is a special place for me. Its interiors reflect who we are. I took care of that space and of what we invited into it. Many days were spent in the kitchen where I would experiment and create my own recipes for wholesome and healthy meals. Later, I would watch with pleasure as my family devours what I've made - a sight that brings warmth to my heart to this day!
How did we spend our free time? We did what we loved most - we hiked, rode bikes, we camped, went kayaking and spent long hours lost in conversation around the bonfire. Spending time in nature helps us quiet our minds and feel the deep, grounding calm. The natural world feeds our creativity, helps us get in our inner-power, our instincts and the truth of our touch with being.

The Journey that Led to Discovery

One summer we went on a trip - it was a special one, because we were about to visit Poland after an eight-year-long absence.
Poland is where we come from. It's our roots. Our plan was to bring back some Polish pottery from Bolesławiec as gifts for our Canadian friends. For generations, this pottery has decorated our family homes and we wanted to share that with them. One day we came across a little showroom displaying the handicraft from Bolesławiec. We were surprised at the sight of the new patterns and shapes. It was there, in that tiny little showroom, that we fell in love - all over again - with these unique objects, created with the raw material - CLAY.

This is IT!

Upon our return to Canada, seeing the delight of our friends at the gifts they received, we realized that this Polish pottery is what we want to share with others. We were filled with joy to finally find what we had been searching for years!

Because it comes from Nature and is environmentally friendly. Stoneware is made with the natural mineral, CLAY, which is really EARTH! It isn't toxic for human health or polluting to the environment.

Because it engages the hands and the heart: the ceramic object we bring from Poland are all hand-crafted. Every design, every dot, are slightly different from each other and are expressive of their creator's individuality...or, rather, creators' individualities, as every object is a result of a collaboration of multiple people.

Because it is unique, just like our clients. Each one is different, distinct. Everyone has their story and chooses an object that reflects their needs, their worldview, their dreams. We took a long time to carefully curate the patterns and styles of the objects that were to be prepared for us by the artisans.

By choosing pottery you choose to preserve Mother Nature. Stoneware is not only beautiful, it is also very durable (it's dishwasher- and oven-safe). That makes it very long-lasting, which integrates beautifully into the idea of zero waste, which is important to us.

These beautiful stoneware objects bring magic into our everyday lives: when you snuggle into a comfy chair with a cup of your favorite tea served in a mug that was lovingly hand-made and painted by an artisan - you really feel that you are celebrating life! Ordinary activities get transformed into extraordinary rituals.

Pottery is playful - it allows you to create your own sets, your own color combinations, merging different collections depending on your mood and personal preference.

What does Art Of Pottery
do for us?

Art Of Pottery allows us to create a space that aligns with our values. We feel so fortunate to meet wonderful, warm, inspiring people (our clients) who, just like us, believe that life is a form of art, a fascinating and worthwhile journey to take with courage and commitment to ones inner truth.

We feel this is just the beginning of the road to our dreams. In the future, we would like to create a showroom, and then a cafe, where you can come, rest, listen to your thoughts and spend time with yourself - just like that!

What values would we like
to instill in our children?

We would like our children to follow their dreams, think independently, uncover their heart-path, even if it means following a road less travelled or diverging from the general status-quo.

We invite you to take a journey of self-discovery in the world of pottery.

Magdalena and Marcin Zmudzinski